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June 19, 1997
Healing: A Journey of Tolerance and Understanding
July 13, 1997
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The day Prince met his hero – Muhammad Ali

WASHINGTON DC (June 24, 1997) – Boxing great Muhammad Ali and the Artist  (aka Prince), met for the first time today in our nation’s capital to support Mr. Ali’s World Healing Project, which promotes the themes of his new book; HEALING: A Journal of Tolerance and Understanding.

Introduced for the first time by World Healing Project co-creator David Clark, Prince had this to say about his boyhood hero Muhammad Ali at the press conference:

Prince Excerpt:  “My friend Londell McMillan called me a couple of days ago and asked me. He said, Muhammad wants you to – and I said ‘Yes.’ I didn’t even let him finish. He could have said ‘mow the lawn,’ and I would have been down with it. Muhammad’s my hero. He has been since I was a child, and as you can see he’s such an inspiration to many people. So I’m really honored to be here, and if this was the only think I did in my life I’d be cool with it.”

For details on the historic meeting visit BBC News:

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Muhammad Ali is intrigued with Prince's ear cuff prior to the Healing press conference

Muhammad Ali is intrigued with Prince’s hair and ear cuff prior to the press conference

President Bill Clinton supports Muhammad Ali's World Healing Project

President Bill Clinton’s letter of support for Muhammad Ali he had read at the World Healing Project press conference