Healing: A Journey of Tolerance and Understanding

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June 24, 1997
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January 10, 2002
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Healing: A Journey of Tolerance and Understanding

Muhammad Ali and Thomas Hauser Synopsis: “Muhammad Ali is the most loved person in the world. Everywhere he goes, wherever he goes, people of all colors and religions crowd around, hoping to get close to him. I’ve seen it happen so many times, and each time, I ask myself, If we can all get together and have a meeting of the minds on Ali, why cant we all get together, period? I look at this man and I say to myself, God is trying to tell us something.” — Thomas Hauser

Healing: A Journal of Tolerance and Understanding Is a joint project by Muhammad Ali and Thomas Hauser (who authored the international bestsellers Muhammad Ali: His Life and Times and Muhammad Ali: In Perspective), as part of a multi-dimensional, international campaign to combat bigotry and prejudice. This beautifully designed hardcover journal has been fashioned to encourage its readers to reflect on issues of tolerance, brotherhood and understanding. An introductory essay, written by Ali and Hauser, discusses these powerful issues and promotes empathy and awareness. Subsequent pages of the journal contain one or more illuminating quotations by a philosopher, a public figure or from a religious text, with space available on alternate pages for the reader to record his or her own thoughts.

Healing: A Journal of Tolerance and Understanding can help each of us make a difference and Muhammad Ali is the ideal person to teach us how. Ali and Hauser’s message is simple: “If today’s world is to be truly to be healed, that healing must be achieved one person at a time. The tolerance and understanding necessary to heal must come from each and every one of us, arising out of our everyday conduct, until decency reaches a flood tide.”

AUTHORS: Muhammad Ali, Thomas Hauser

LOGO/BRANDING: David Clark, Thomas Hauser