Flash Flood For Good, A Social Media Movement Raising Awareness and Funds for Global Clean Water Launches at The 2013 Clinton Global Initiative

Social Media Campaign for Clean Drinking Water Launches at Clinton Global Initiative
September 24, 2013
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October 11, 2013
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Flash Flood For Good, A Social Media Movement Raising Awareness and Funds for Global Clean Water Launches at The 2013 Clinton Global Initiative

NEW YORK, NY (Sept. 24, 2013) PRNewswire

Chelsea Clinton will take the stage at the 2013 Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Annual Meeting this afternoon to help launch Flash Flood For Good, a three-day social media call to action to raise awareness and funds for children in Ethiopia, Myanmar and Rwanda so they can receive clean water through the Procter & Gamble Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program distributed by leading water provider World Vision.

When the Flash Flood For Good is unleashed during CGI, the collective social media reach of more than 400 million will be activated over the 72 hour period. This initiative will focus the attention of global leaders, not-for-profits, NGOs, academics, celebrities, private sector partners, corporate brands and the public at large on the need for clean drinking water worldwide. Every $10 donation generated from Flash Flood For Good will provide one child with clean drinking water for an entire year.

P&G will work with implementing partner World Vision in Ethiopia, Myanmar and Rwanda to provide P&G Water Purification packets, creating clean drinking water in three easy steps. With the addition of one packet, in just 30 minutes, ten liters of dirty water filled with dangerous bacteria, viruses, and parasites from polluted streams and ponds, is treated and transformed into healthy water for children to drink.

Global dignitaries, athletes, and entertainment personalities invite the public to visit and join www.flashfloodforgood.org so they can swell the tide for Flash Flood For Good by adding their digital voice to the call to action. Every person who adds their Twitter followers and Facebook friends during the 72 hour campaign can help positively impact the lives of children urgently in need of clean, safe drinking water by asking their followers to share their Posts and Tweets and urge them to donate funds.

Already dubbed “We Are The Digital World,” Flash Flood For Good has garnered the support and social media feeds of Kevin Bacon, Justin Bieber, Jessica Biel, Sky Blu, James Blunt, Blush, Jeff Bridges, Colbie Caillat, Celine Dion, Hilary Duff, Fred Durst, Melissa Etheridge, Morgan Freeman, The Game, Kenny G, Whoopi Goldberg, Arsenio Hall, LL Cool J, Hugh Jackman & Deborah Lee Furness, Scarlett Johansson, Juanes, Dave Koz, Cyndi Lauper, Florida Georgia Line, Limp Bizkit, Austin Mahone, Matthew McConaughey, Megadeth, Mac Miller, Scotty McCreary, Dave Mustaine, Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne, Pitbull, Lisa Marie Presley, Psy, Cristano Ronaldo, Alejandro Sanz, Rick Springfield, Robin Thicke, Rob Thomas, Louis Van Amstel and 98 Degrees.

The public is invited to join the Flash Flood For Good via www.flashfloodforgood.org to amplify the 72 hour awareness campaign. To donate online please go to www.flashfloodforgood.org. Text FLOOD to 41010 to make a $10 donation via mobile devices. Join the conversation, tweet and post a personalized call to action to donate using @FlashFlood4Good, @PG_CSDW, @WorldVision, @WorldVisionUSA, @cpbgroup, @ClintonGlobal, @BillClinton, @ChelseaClinton and @DrGregAllgood.

The Flash Flood For Good campaign is being driven by a new digital community platform, Cause Swarm, that aggregates social media feeds to raise awareness and funds for one common cause. To further boost reach, Procter & Gamble will amplify the campaign through social media and some of its brands.

“The idea behind the creation of the Cause Swarm digital platform is rooted in a 2,500 year old book of ancient wisdom,” said Cause Swarm and Flash Flood For Good creator David Clark, CEO of David Clark Cause. “In Sun Tzu’s classic ‘The Art Of War’ there is a basic tenet that says if you want to defeat an opponent, the best way to do so is to unify your forces, then overwhelm them. With Cause Swarm we use social media to unify people around a common purpose so they can swarm a social problem.”

“The community-based Cause Swarm platform leverages the latest technology and social media to seamlessly enable people to donate funds and their own social media feeds for those in need. In our effort to provide clean water for children around the world via Flash Flood For Good, we’re grateful that President Clinton introduced us to the P&G CSDW Program, so we have an opportunity to provide real-time impact, with a world-class partner,” said Andrew Keller, CEO of CP+B, the global Agency of Record for Flash Flood For Good.

P&G, makers of consumer brands like Tide, Crest and Olay has been working with partners to provide clean drinking water in developing countries for nearly a decade with its award-winning water purification technology. To date, clean drinking water provided by P&G has helped save an estimated 33,000 lives and prevented 250 million days of diarrheal illnesses as part of P&G’s Clinton Global Initiative Commitment to Action to provide clean drinking water to those who need it most. P&G continues to deliver on its commitment to scale up their efforts to save one life every hour by providing 2 billion liters of clean drinking water every year by 2020.

Procter & Gamble’s Chief Marketing Officer Marc Pritchard states: “At P&G, we innovate to make everyday life better, so providing our water purification technology to help save lives is the highest expression of who we are. We’ve seen this innovation make a difference in the lives of people around the world, and we’re excited to partner with Flash Flood For Good to share clean drinking water with children who need it most.”

“World Vision is excited to help launch Flash Flood For Good with this amazing network of celebrities,” said Dr. Greg Allgood, Founder of the P&G Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program and now the Vice President of Water at World Vision. “Providing the P&G water purification packets is an integral part of World Vision’s work to provide clean drinking water to a new person in the developing world every 30 seconds and we’re grateful for this support so that we can help even more people with clean water.”