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October 20, 1996
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June 24, 1997
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Ali Urges Tolerance

WASHINGTON DC (June 19, 1997) By Karen Keys

It has almost always been brave and somewhat naive souls who ponder the question: “Why can’t we all just get along?” Yet, that is the topic of “Healing: A Journal of Tolerance and Understanding.” A collaborative effort by Muhammad Ali and his biographer, Thomas Hauser, the book is a string of quotes from previous great minds such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, James Baldwin and Eleanor Roosevelt.

The literary effort focuses on encouraging tolerance and brotherhood among different racial and religious groups. The writers state in the preface: “We wanted to make a statement about bigotry and prejudice. We believe most people are tired of hating.” Every few pages there are blank lines for “your thoughts.” In order to promote love, understanding and this new book, Ali and his wife, Lonnie, will join Hauser to discuss the healing of the world Monday in Washington. After the event, copies of “Healing” and his pictorial book “Muhammad Ali: In Perspective” will be available for purchase. Owners of these books will have a chance to meet Ali and to receive a signed, commemorative bookplate.

The HEALING cause brand was created by Muhammad Ali, Thomas Hauser and David Clark.