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About David Clark Cause

President Bill Clinton introduces David Clark, Smokey Robinson and P&G CEO Bob McDonald at The Clinton Global Initiative to announce a new social-media platform created by Clark

Founded by David Clark, David Clark Cause (DCC) is a global leader in creating cause-related brands and initiatives that both inspire and endure. For over two decades Clark has leveraged the iconic stature and cultural currency of world-renowned individuals and organizations to build successful cause brands that have raised millions of dollars and unprecedented awareness for some of the greatest causes of our time.

Clark has a proven track record of working with leading professionals around the world to create unique cause brands that break through the clutter to engage world leaders, dignitaries, celebrities, governments, corporations, charities, and the public at large. Recognized for the quality of his original ideas, Clark is renowned for creating major values-driven events and intellectual property that elevate the human condition.

David Clark discusses DCC initiatives at The Cannes International Festival of Creativity in France

What is a Cause Brand?

In 1997 Clark coined the term “cause brand” which is a consumer facing brand whose ethos and purpose is to promote a specific cause or issue. When a cause brand is launched – a unique marketplace is created that attracts like-minded organizations, brands, charities, celebrities and the public. These marketplaces are designed to inspire and engage people and organizations that support the basic value propositon the cause brand represents – so it grows in value as it addresses a social issue.


DCC Launches Cause Flash

Cause Flash is a unique digital platform that connects and aggregates social media advocates and followers to raise awareness and funds for important causes and campaigns. By connecting and amplifying followers and fans, Cause Flash instantly launches focused appeals to address some of the greatest issues of the day.

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About David Clark

David Clark is a life long entrepreneur specializing in marketing and branding, focused solely on creating cause brands and purpose driven initiatives. Noted for the quality of his groundbreaking ideas, Clark has a long history of success combining historic events, iconic people and pop culture – to create inspiring cause brands.

Clark began his philanthropic career in New York City in 1995 when he founded and served as CEO of EPOP International, the first iteration of David Clark Cause.  In 2003, he relocated to Dublin Ireland for a year, where as CEO of Amnesty International’s Art for Amnesty he created and managed all global art and music initiatives for the Nobel Peace Prize winning organization. Following his stint in Dublin, Clark returned to New York to found David Clark Cause.

Clark has been a featured speaker at global forums such as The Clinton Global Initiative in New York, The Cannes International Festival of Creativity in Cannes France, regional events such as Startup Phenomenon in Boulder and The Clinton Global Initiative University in Phoenix.  Clark has also shared his expertise creating cause brands and initiatives with students at New York University and Trinity College Dublin.

David Clark’s lifelong passion and commitment to supporting philanthropic causes was inspired by his Great (x5) Grandfather, Abraham Clark, who signed the Declaration of Independence and was one of the few Representatives who would not ratify the United States Constitution until a Bill of Rights was added.