Muhammad ali

June 8, 2016

The day Prince met Muhammad Ali: How a Boulder charity guru brought 2 icons together

David Clark recalls the day in 1997 that The Artist met The Greatest DAILY CAMERA / BOULDER (June 8, 2016).  It took 19 years to go viral, sparked […]
June 5, 2016

When Muhammad Ali met Prince

BBC NEWS / LONDON (June 5, 2016) – June, 1997. Prince, at this time, is one of the best-known artists in the world, his string of 1980s […]
September 5, 2011

Boulder Native, Charity Event Guru David Clark Returns Home – After 20 Years in NYC

Clark has worked with everyone from Nelson Mandela to Prince in support of causes BOULDER, COLORADO (September 5, 2011) – DAILY CAMERA / By John Aguilar Camera […]
July 13, 1997

Healing: A Journey of Tolerance and Understanding

Muhammad Ali and Thomas Hauser Synopsis: “Muhammad Ali is the most loved person in the world. Everywhere he goes, wherever he goes, people of all colors […]
June 24, 1997

The day Prince met his hero – Muhammad Ali

WASHINGTON DC (June 24, 1997) – Boxing great Muhammad Ali and the Artist  (aka Prince), met for the first time today in our nation’s capital to […]
June 19, 1997

Ali Urges Tolerance

WASHINGTON DC (June 19, 1997) By Karen Keys It has almost always been brave and somewhat naive souls who ponder the question: “Why can’t we all […]
October 20, 1996

Ali Stands Tall on Mission of Healing

NEW YORK, NY (October 20, 1996) | By Ron Borges, Boston Globe The black Islamic warrior who has become a holy man saw immediately that there […]